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Production Co: Denizen Directors: Joe Matsushima, Joel Jensen and Amy Matsushima Client: Disney, Lucasfilm, Verizon
This month i had the chance to travel to NYC to shoot a project for the Last Jedi @ New York Comicon. Such an amazing experience and one I’ll remember for sure.
The crazy thing about this job was that we built a First Order battleship in LA and placed cameras and a lighting layout, then it was dismantled and shipped across the country to be rebuilt again within a week. All in from design to shooting was only about 4 weeks. An incredible feat when you stop to think about all that went into it.
We ended up working with a total of three remote cameras, six fixed and four mounted and roaming ops on this crazy shoot that put Star Wars fans in the middle of a battle between the First Order and the Resistance. Amazing stuff.
Gillas Correa (Production Designer) and Beth Goodnight (Builder, Goodnight & Co.) nailed the Star Wars set. I hope this one leads to them building a spaceship for a major project. They’re ready.

Check out the video on my site or right here.

Jack Sparrow Surprises Disneyland


Super proud to have a great team of 20 cameras on this viral phenomenon. Our spot held the #1 spot on Facebook for several days. As always, fantastic to work with the mad geniuses at Denizen.

Lighting up San Pedro



I had an awesome time lighting up San Pedro with a fantastic crew on the Glock Wrong Movie spot in December.

Great to work with some old friends on this one.

Johnny Depp Mad Hatter Spot lands a hit on ADWEEK!


So, this dropped this week on ADWEEK. A fun little project I shot for Denizen & Disney with Johnny Depp in Vancouver and a very surprised crowd at Disneyland. My job was to make Johnny Depp look like he was in a one sheet (movie poster) for “Alice through the Looking Glass.” We used two cameras to do this (one flipped on its side) and sent the HD signal via fiber down to Disneyland where the other half of the team got busy shooting the crowd interacting with the Mad Hatter as he appeared in a magical, gilded picture frame.

Joel Jensen and Joe Matsushima from Denizen directed and Adam Becker DP’d the docu-reality footage @ Disney.


Johnny Depp Delights Disneyland Goers as the Mad Hatter on This Magical Live Billboard

Interactive stunt for Through the Looking Glass gives fans a thrill By Tim Nudd

Livestreaming is all the rage for brands, and Disney has unleashed one of the best live stunts yet, getting Johnny Depp to interact with fans as the Mad Hatter on a livestreamed billboard at Disneyland.

The shenanigans start off subtly enough, with the actor, being filmed in a remote location, doing little more than blinking mischievously. But soon he’s fully interacting with the fans—whom he can see in real time by watching footage from a hidden camera.

“Ouch!” he cries when one woman leans against the board. He tells one little girl, “You have a wonderful cranium,” and then has all the gawkers hop up and down.

It’s a nicely multi-brand effort from Disney—taking place in the Anaheim, Calif., park and promoting the Disney film Through the Looking Glass, which is a sequel to 2010’s Alice in Wonderland. The movie opens at the end of this month.

Skin the Cat to Premiere at the Austin Film Festival!


So happy that the talented Jesse Johnston’s short, “Skin the Cat,” will have its premier at the Austin Film Festival. Such an amazing festival and a great way to start off the film’s festival run. I shot STC last year at this time in LA at Jono Hart’s backyard office which used to be Joni Mitchell’s home studio.

My Commercial Work just won 30+ Telly Awards for 2015!


I don’t normally post a lot around this kind of thing, but this is pretty cool. I remember getting my first Telly in 2011 and thinking, “Okay, that’s cool. Maybe someday I’ll get another one.” In the time since then, projects I shot went on to get an additional thirty-four Telly Awards. And with this year’s announcement, that’s just about doubled. I’ve been lucky to work on some really exciting projects in the last year and the last few months have been pretty crazy with GunnyTime finishing up and some interesting racetrack work for Chevy on the new Camaro. I’m also expecting to be able to reveal a nice project I shot with Jasmine Harper from “So You Think You Can Dance.” This industry is strange in that we jump from project to project, and our final product isn’t usually revealed until sometime later, by which time we’ve moved on to a completely different headspace. So, yeah! This is fun. It’s nice when you get a little shout out and pat on the back from the last year.