Chevy Camaro 500,000 Hero + 6th Gen Camaro shoot at Willow Springs



Alas, the 6th Gen hero car can’t be posted but we rocked that and the 500k Z28 all day long. Actually, now it can as the spot is out!

2 Cars, 2 Epics, 1 4K Phantom at 1000 fps. It’s always a great day when we do car shoots and I get to work with old friends like Bruce Humes from Aquila Prods, Marshall Chabot of Chase Car (the best!) and to continue to work with friends like Matt Drake (phantom), Ron Tondreau (Grip), Evan Pesses (gaffer & 2nd unit DP), Carson & Julio (1st & DIT) as well as newcomers like Nick Fischer (AC).

If only every shoot day could have this many toys!

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