My Commercial Work just won 30+ Telly Awards for 2015!


I don’t normally post a lot around this kind of thing, but this is pretty cool. I remember getting my first Telly in 2011 and thinking, “Okay, that’s cool. Maybe someday I’ll get another one.” In the time since then, projects I shot went on to get an additional thirty-four Telly Awards. And with this year’s announcement, that’s just about doubled. I’ve been lucky to work on some really exciting projects in the last year and the last few months have been pretty crazy with GunnyTime finishing up and some interesting racetrack work for Chevy on the new Camaro. I’m also expecting to be able to reveal a nice project I shot with Jasmine Harper from “So You Think You Can Dance.” This industry is strange in that we jump from project to project, and our final product isn’t usually revealed until sometime later, by which time we’ve moved on to a completely different headspace. So, yeah! This is fun. It’s nice when you get a little shout out and pat on the back from the last year.

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