July 01, 2015 · About

HAL LONG :  Cinematographer

I believe in searching for an interesting take on every set-up.  What we do is often a matter of tight schedules, budgets and other sometimes insanely arbitrary constraints.  I think that being able to consistently deliver engaging imagery under these conditions is what separates the great cinematographers to which I aspire. Sometimes you have a still camera shooting video and sometimes you have a full crew with multiple Alexas or Dragons.  Each scenario has its upside and requires a different creative approach, but once you find that theme, idea or message you connect to, that’s when the fun happens.

Let’s go have some fun!


CLIENT LIST (Partial):
Live Action: Qualcomm, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Glock, Hershey’s, FX/FXX, WB, Aether Apparel, Degree, Nintendo, EA Sports, Victory Motorcycles, ESPN, KPMG,
Auto: Chevy, Cadillac, Subaru, Kia

Born and schooled in Virginia & Washington DC, I got hooked on photography and visual art at an early age. I was fortunate in that my high school in DC let us have keys to the studios if we were interested enough. So, I could often be found in the wee hours in the darkroom or in the painting studio. After a BA at Duke, I took some time to get my portfolio and application to USC while I skied by day and played guitar by night in Vail, CO. While getting my MFA at USC, I received the Robert Zemeckis Mentorship for my thesis project.

Since USC, I’ve been lucky enough to earn my living through film. In that time, I’ve shot, edited, done VFX and coloring on some pretty incredible projects. I’ve lit and shot remote (no, seriously remote) 300′ pyramids in the Yucatan, been strapped to a motorcycle sidecar at 100 mph, been strapped to the hood of a desert war vehicle hurtling through back country, shot from helicopters, camera cars and in all kinds of cool places on some amazing projects with talented collaborators. Got a cool location and project? Let’s get it done.

Emmy Nominated
Telly Awards: 60+ awards since 2011
Communicator: 20
Golden Moose Award – Outdoor Channel
American Lung Association Volunteer of the Year Award for PSA Campaign I wrote & directed.

Films I’ve shot have appeared in hundreds of festivals and garnered many awards for cinematography, directing and picture.
A few examples are: Taos Talking Pictures, LA Int’l, Palm Springs Int’l, Tahoe Int’l, One Reel, Hypnotic Million Dollar Film Fest, Moab, Ojai, Las Vegas, Denver, Aspen Shorts, and HBO Comedy Arts.

Best Cinematography Awards:
Moab, Antelope Valley, Houston Worldfest