Production Co: Denizen Directors: Joe Matsushima, Joel Jensen and Amy Matsushima Client: Disney, Lucasfilm, Verizon
This month i had the chance to travel to NYC to shoot a project for the Last Jedi @ New York Comicon. Such an amazing experience and one I’ll remember for sure.
The crazy thing about this job was that we built a First Order battleship in LA and placed cameras and a lighting layout, then it was dismantled and shipped across the country to be rebuilt again within a week. All in from design to shooting was only about 4 weeks. An incredible feat when you stop to think about all that went into it.
We ended up working with a total of three remote cameras, six fixed and four mounted and roaming ops on this crazy shoot that put Star Wars fans in the middle of a battle between the First Order and the Resistance. Amazing stuff.
Gillas Correa (Production Designer) and Beth Goodnight (Builder, Goodnight & Co.) nailed the Star Wars set. I hope this one leads to them building a spaceship for a major project. They’re ready.

Check out the video on my site or right here.

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